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In a world where bank interest rates are at a standstill, lending between individuals has a bright future. The Estonian investment platform Camula thus offers high returns, thanks to credits available to all.

Lending money to the banks is a risk, but potentially very profitable.

To offer consumer credit to people who are normally excluded, Camula has to compensate the losses for default of payment by high rates.

The simplicity of use of Camula, where everything happens online, is one of the reasons for its success. This facility, combined with personalized investment products, is found in a presence closer to its European customers.

Visit the Camula site Camula, European credit society between individuals the guarantee fund, security of the individual in case of bankruptcy

Go & Grow

Go & Grow

It is the investment of the good father , with an annual interest rate of 6.75% *. It's easy to access, no need to have financial experience, Camula manages everything. Flexible, you can withdraw or give money at any time.

To know: with Go & Grow, we know that our gains will always be limited to 6.75%. If by chance the performance of this product would be higher, the gains obtained will be set aside to guarantee this rate in years when the performances would not be at the rendezvous.

* As in any investment, your capital is at risk with unsecured investments. The yield is 6.75%. Before deciding to invest, please consult Camula's risk statement or a financial advisor if necessary.

The other two products are more complex: here, the investor is the owner of receivables, he must resell on the secondary market to be able to recover his money if he wishes.

In short: I am particular in France, I lend money to other individuals. This loan is a "claim". I am paid back gradually by those who owe me money, my " debtors ", on my Camula account.

If by chance I want to get my money back right away, I have to sell my debt to another investor. For this, there is what is called "secondary market", where debt sellers are connected with buyers.

Go & Grow account creation. We inform the capital we want to invest, if we want to feed it every month, for how many years ...

It takes very little money to invest in the loan between individuals of Camula, even one euro is enough!

Presentation of the Camula account interface.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

For those who are knowledgeable, it is possible to choose a strategy, which we will define according to the part of risk envisaged.

Portfolio Pro

Portfolio Pro

Seasoned investors can opt for a completely customized solution. With the help of filters, investments can be "made to measure".

Each of these solutions is manageable online, with statistical tools that simplify decision-making.

The biggest risk finally is that of a Camula bankruptcy. Not being a bank like the others, the investor could theoretically lose everything. On the other hand, the company reassures being based in a country of the European Union , with solid figures on its financial health, easily verifiable.

Bingo Credit, the interest rate is simply outrageous. It far exceeds the legal wear rate. We are talking here about 50, 100 or even 150%. As a reminder, in France the rate of wear is around 20%.

But let's remember one thing: in Estonia, banks hardly lend, or at even worse rates! For many, the only solution is to turn to individuals, even at such rates.

In order for us to be aware of such a loan, let us take the example given by Camula of a loan in Spain:

"A loan of € 2020 to be repaid in 5 years will cost € 82.68 per month. The TAE (tasa anual equivalent, our TEG in France) is 58.44%. The total repayment over 5 years is 5080.52 €, which includes 2536.72 € at a fixed interest rate of 38.25% and a commission of 403.80 € for the management of the account and a commission of 120 € for contract costs (...). "

The conditions are clear: to be loaned € 2020, we must repay € 5080.52 over 5 years.

The data is clear, all statistics are online on their site. We can read that in January 2019, the average loan amounts to 2300 euros, for a refund in 48 months.

For information, the rates of wear in Spain turn around 30%, but it is a rate not including the fees, sometimes very high, even worse than those of Camula. Some denounce rates higher than ... 3000%, as is the case of the minicredit company present in Spain Credither.

Camula is expensive, certainly, but it's the price to pay for a credit that does not require guarantees, providing an immediate sum of money to do what you want. Faced with competitors, it seems much more ethical to help Camula prosper, rather than maintain the abuses of some companies.

Also read: to be loaned money by an individual article on credit in Europe. Even if European laws allow it, banks, which only know their home market, are still far too cautious to lend money abroad.

This is unfortunate, as the main objective of European laws is to be able to offer the best of European companies to all Europeans. It's unfortunate that a Portuguese investor can not expect the same return as a Swedish investor! Camula is changing the game a little, even if we are talking about microscopic values ​​compared to the huge current financing needs.

Estonia is a country at the forefront of technology and the Internet. In 2014, the small Baltic country launched the concept of e-residence, allowing non-Estonian and non-Estonian people to establish Estonian companies. It is also in Estonia that Skype was created, relying on the then nascent P2P technologies.

In 2019, Camula is present almost everywhere in Europe. French loan platform between individuals, is a well-established company today. Present throughout Europe, it does not show the returns of Camula: its loans are just as restrictive as those of banks, but with equally competitive rates. Its main strength is to allow everyone to break free from the traditional bank. Investor side, it is reserved for those who have great knowledge.